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12 months guarantee and 50% off on next replacement scheme?

All of our Refurbished screens come complete with a 12 months guarantee. This means if there is a factory/manufacturer fault and there is no physical damage to the screen you are covered for a free replacement!

What is, and isn’t covered?

As long as you have kept your screen in the same condition it was handed to you in we will honour a free replacement, this means it is down to YOU to keep the device and screen protected. Under NO circumstances shall we be doing free repairs if you DO NOT follow these instructions, your device will be protected if you cover it with a screen protector in MOST day to day situations.

Situations where you are not protected include, but are not limited to:

  • Scratches

  • Cracks

  • Cracked touch panel (under glass)

  • Chips

  • “Ink Bleeds” (LCD Damage)

  • Liquid damage

If you cannot accept these terms please DO NOT use our services, if you go forward with our services you have agreed to these terms.

What if you are not covered?

If you are not covered by our 12 months warranty, Please be honest from the start as we ALWAYS test everything properly. We shall offer all of our ineligible customers the chance to get a replacement at 50% Off for 1 time only! (Please note after this single offer you will have to pay the full cost if you further break again.)

How can you help keep your warranty?

We supply a FREE Hydrogel screen protector worth £20 with every refurbished quality iPhone screen repair! IF you destroy this protector we can sell you another at 50% off retail price! (£10)

What makes us sure we’re offering the best quality?

We have spent a lot of time, money and research into the art of refurbishment and have a in store team who’s whole job is to refurbish screens.

What a refurbished screen is, is a genuine screen removed from a working device either perfect, scratched or cracked glass. What then happens is our techs use our machines to remove the glass, glue, frame and polarizer to clean up and prep for replacement of each using ONLY the highest and most expensive quality we could personally find. This in our opinion is a 1:1 quality equivalent of what we believe should be installed on your device from new. A lot of effort and plenty more steps goes into screen refurbishing but to save with the boring details we have kept it short. Why can you not advertise as genuine or use any branded logos or barcodes etc? This is because this particular company does not believe in “the right to repair” therefore we must advertise as refurbished and not genuine branded. You can find all information on this here.