Our Repair Services

-Genuine Refurbished-

Our Genuine Refurbished screen replacements are screens with cracked glass only that have been removed from a working device and the glass has been professionally separated using our high tech machines and high quality glass has been refitted. this is the best quality your are going to get on the market.


Our Platinum range of screens are the highest of quality COPY screen replacements. These have a much more superior quality to the rest of the copy screens for example a brighter back light, more vibrant colours, more responsive touch and 3d touch.


Our Premium screen range is the mid range copy replacement screens theres have a higher quality range of colours to the standard and a lower defect rate.


Our standard quality screens range are the budget of screen replacements, and although they are the cheapest we have still made sure they a higher quality of that what we have found in retail stores we have checked out.